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Karen Holly, owner and creator of Karen Holly Kreations, has won multiple awards in juried art exhibitions and multi-media shows. You can find Karen’s work in homes and businesses from Malibu to Houston to New York. She is a member of high standing in many art organizations and societies. She recently won the Solis International Award at the Valley Watercolor Society's Annual Exhibition. Karen was recently honored by again being juried into the National Watercolor Society's All Member Exhibition. She studied Business at Santa Monica College and to this day continues her art education and training through online classes, seminars, workshops and lectures. Karen feels her art frequently flows from the traditional to non-traditional. She loves painting realism to the abstract. She likes to take a mundane subject to the dramatic by showing a study of light and dark. The use of brilliant, eye catching color is frequently her calling card on the portrayal of everyday scenes. Her paintings include florals that look like you can reach out and touch them. She smiles when conversation turns to what she calls her ‘vintage car cottage industry.’ “The reflections on highly polished chrome and metal are unbelievably beautiful! “ A person can see the influence the great Belgium artists of the 1600’s have had on her florals with the dark brooding backgrounds. ”The study of watercolor is unending. Every time you touch the paint to wet paper the water takes the color off in some new and wonderful direction! But this is what makes watercolor so exciting and challenging at the same time!” Her love of vibrant color probably can be traced back to her Florida publisher who had her explore and paint bright and colorful tropical scenes for the tourist trade. "I am the product of continuous experimentation. I never cease to find the watercolor medium exciting, beautiful and challenging.”

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